When you sound good, we sound good, and that’s really important to us.

Recording professional audio, whether it’s music or voice, requires a facility that has what the industry calls “clean sound.” To do this, you need an acoustically treated performance space, soundproof booths, and professional recording equipment. When you’re producing sound to sell or for broadcast, capturing audio in its purest form is the only way to start.

At Outreach Productions, our MasterTracks Recording Studio, has the sound engineers, and HD post-production facilities you need to bring out the best of your talent, and produce the sound quality required for commercial-grade recordings. We also have a great database of talented musicians and voice actors for you to choose from.

Want to go further? Our in-house graphic designers, web programmers, video producers and duplication specialists can come together to create your artwork, website, music video, and packaging to create a fully integrated experience for your audience.

Talk to us about:

  • In-studio music recording and production (LP, EP and Singles)
  • Live on location recording and production
  • Spoken word for video and radio productions
  • Voice over recording for language versioning
  • Sound effects for music and video
  • Music videos


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